• Obama and the Liberals: Three Quarters of a Loaf Is Never Enough (1/9/2013) - I pledged awhile back, after a certain media mogul trashed President Obama for failing to solve global warming, that I would not spend all my time ridiculing the Obama-bashing disillusionment addicts of the left. – read more –
  • One Nation On Welfare. Living Your Life On The Dole (9/17/2012) - The sun is shining on Miami Beach, and I wake up in subsidized housing. I throw on a T-shirt made of subsidized cotton, brush my teeth with subsidized water and eat cereal made of subsidized grain. Soon the chaos begins… –
  • Don’t Tell Anyone, but the Stimulus Worked. (9/17/2012) - New York Times Sunday Observer: David Firestone…”The reputation of the stimulus is meticulously restored from shabby to skillful in Michael Grunwald’s important new book, “The New New Deal.” His findings will come as a jolt to those who think the law “failed,” the typical Republican assessment, or was too small and sloppy to have any…


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A Newspaperman’s Nostalgia

Aug 6, 2013


TIME’s Michael Grunwald remembers life at his two former homes, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe, both sold this week. Their challenge: How do you get people to pay for stuff they can read for free? [ more...]

Beyond the Keystone Pipeline

Jul 11, 2013


Imagine if President Obama had promised in his long-awaited climate speech in June to launch the first 45 renewable-electricity projects ever built on federal land, enough to power 4.4 million homes. [ more...]

Apocalypse Not Now: Just About Everything Is Getting Better

June 9, 2013


As a culture, we seem to be in an apocalyptic moment. Judging from the movie trailers, it looks like the human race is basically screwed this summer in After Earth, World War Z, and This Is the End—a comedy!—while Washington (and its black president) will be besieged by cyber-terrorists in White House Down[ more...]